DeFi is the largest and oldest track in the field of crypto. At present, the size of the DeFi market is growing at an alarming rate. Its market value (excluding stable currency) is about US $70 billion, accounting for 10% of the L1 market. The increasing complexity of the DeFi project makes it difficult for ordinary users to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, World DAO, which is built based on Web3.0 is becoming an increasingly important part of Web3.0, which enables users to widely access the DeFi world from one entrance.


World DAO is an economic community reached by global blockchain practitioners, developers, participants and traditional financial leaders based on the DAO protocol. Based on the core of win-win and mutual benefit and high consensus, World DAO will empower the global market in the future Metaverse track, participate in various projects within the organization from the aspects of project, technology, education, capital and resources, and be governed by the unique distribution method of DAO protocol.

World DAO is committed to building a high-quality DeFi project polymerization platform based on the concept of Web 3.0 to integrate smart contract constraints and DAO voting governance for global users, including decentralized DeFi Metaverse ecosystem and inter-blockchain integration system. The DeFi Metaverse ecosystem is mainly responsible for providing users with an inter-blockchain polymerization DeFi environment. At the same time, the ecology of World DAO aims to realize the circulation of digital assets and virtual social networking among investors, form a symbiotic economic community that provides high-quality projects for institutional capital, global data flow for high-quality projects and polymerization platform for global flow, help incubate potential star DeFi projects, and all World DAO share the benefits and dividends brought by star projects.


World DAO has a technical team from Zhongguancun, ZB Exchange, OK Exchange, BSC Binance Smart Chain and ETH Layer2 laboratory, a team from Wall Street in charge of market value management, and a project incubation team from Filda, Louds, VDS and Metamon. At the same time, World DAO has received investment from YGG Game Guild, A16Z Venture Capital Institution, Softbank Venture Capital Fund and Blackstone Investment Institution in the United States. Strong technical operation team and investment background will bring World DAO leading technology, superior project resources and capital support.

World DAO builds a decentralized NFT polymerization platform and GameFi2.0、DeFi2.0. Investment banking institutions and multiple sectors of the education system cover the Metaverse polymerization ecology of DeFi + GameFi + SocialFi. World DAO digs high-quality projects of DeFi on different chains and provides different financial products, including machine gun pool (Wault) and liquidity mining (Farm), to fully meet the financial needs of different users. In addition, World DAO delivers the trading demand to many decentralized exchanges and assists traders in seeking the lowest possible slippage and trading cost.


World DAO highlights the functional attributes of the convenience of the DeFi polymerization platform. While saving time, it also enables users to interact with the whole network DeFi from the platform. For large traders, the use of World DAO is becoming more and more important because intelligent routing engines reduce delays and transaction costs by dividing orders into batches. All World DAO users not only get benefits, but also reduce the user participation threshold and transaction cost.

The DAP community governance mode is introduced. All roles in the World DAO organization are shareholders. Among them, the 10 seat board of directors and 108 seat council constitute the governance core of World DAO. The board of directors are responsible for the preliminary review, screening and proposal of high-quality projects. All World DAO ecological participants jointly vote on the proposal, approve or reject the proposal. The proposal will include financial support for the project, the launch of financial products, the distribution of income, the setting of handling fees, and even a vote on the future development direction of World DAO.


World DAO attracts more new users by providing users with access to the DeFi ecosystem, simplifying the logic of the DeFi ecosystem and reducing the entry threshold, so as to form a community of interests, values and destiny composed of all ecological participants. With the vigorous development of World DAO, the financial volume, community scale, product types and governance mechanism will mature rapidly. The application involves all aspects of business and life, creating a light, open and free financial world, and finally evolving into a Metaverse social financial system.

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