When Web 3.0 meets UTG UltronGlow blockchain, consensus network brings value innovation again

The scenario most easily associated with the use of blockchain technology in the Internet field is the deep integration of edge computing and blockchain. This is because, in the platform management system of the new Internet, edge computing itself has strong distributed management characteristics, while the distributed consistency characteristics of blockchain technology is originally an […]

Swing Era—Decentralized Blockchain Sports Competitive Traffic Platform

With the global stage of the cryptocurrency myth, the “business revolution” brought by the blockchain is gradually recognized by people, and the application of the blockchain in finance, social networking, education, entertainment and other fields has also begun to create one miracle after another ‘s fruit. As a representative of the new and heavy application […]

Digital Circulation launches “1+9 Free Access to Parallel Public Chain” program

As the world’s first card slot, Digital Circulation (DC) is free to use; it can realise an isomorphic, heterogeneous cross-chain network ecosystem, and the development and testing over a period of four years is gradually stabilising. DC Laboratory plans to launch the “1+9 Free Access to Parallel Public Chain Program” in early September 2022, that […]

Solve the NFT liquidity problem to interpret the value capture road of MetEast

With the popularity of the crypto market, the market focus is no longer limited to the top mainstream currencies, but is gradually spreading to the emerging cryptocurrencies and networks – a more eye-catching and imaginative space. At the same time, for these new types of cryptocurrencies or digital assets, market acceptance is becoming greater and […]

On May 24th, MetaTrads held an AMA on discord

Hi, MetaTrads fans in Discord! I am Bill who represents MetaTrads in the Discord community, and we’re thrilled to have Rebecca, the Director of Marketing in MetaTrads, join us in our AMA! Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m glad to be here with all of you! I’m sure a lot of people are excited […]

MetaTrads, A new generation of NFT trading platform

On May 20, Elliott, head of MetaTrads Asia, visited the nightshade community and held an AMA event to learn more about MetaTrads. Here is a recap of the AMA event: 1. Recently when we think of NFT, we think of MetaTrads, how did MetaTrads come about? We all know that NFTs are very popular, but […]

BOB Sports, building a new LEGO for the block sports economy

Introduction: The BOB ecosystem will build a strong sports competition ecosystem, integrating NFT+DEFI+DAO+Metaverse+Free Agreement+Equity model, empowering global sports fans and users, and truly realizing the circulation and users of the global sports competition ecosystem return of behavior. BOB ecological prosperity and diversity At present, on-chain sports are significantly changing the experience of sports fans, and […]

GetDAO Platform – A Diverse DeFi Ecosystem

GetDAO is a decentralized exchange, providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on the Binance Network. We are currently the leading DEX on the network. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and convenient, one-stop platform for the cryptocurrency community. GetDAO is committed to becoming the next epoch-making decentralized / community-driven DAO platform ecosystem. Bringing Crypto […]

MoonDAO could send users to outer space with a free NFT collection

MoonDAO has purchased two tickets to space with Blue Origin and will select the astronauts through a public drawing and other contest features. Anyone can win a chance to go to space by minting a “Ticket to Space” NFT. One must be on the Moonlist to mint. The NFT tickets go on sale on May 29, at 3 […]