Geopolitics is driving the economic downturn! See how DBD (Door Block DAO) can break the game!

As the outbreak and Ukraine, war continued, the global geopolitical and geo-economic will face unprecedented volatility and disaster, as the Internet, blockchain, such as the high-speed development of science and technology, the world’s information transparency will gradually clear, under this big change in one thousand, the world’s order will be a major change, geopolitical broken […]

Understanding “Next Big Wave” in crypto – Ventures DAO

Conventional venture capital market is monopolized by big institutions. Ventures DAO provides retail investors an equal opportunity to participate in potential projects. Ventures DAO invests in startups and enjoys returns through DAO governance (community self-governed, proposal, and voting), eliminating the need for conventional venture capital. A top-down decision-making approach is used by conventional venture capital, […]

Lingose completely changes the chain game ecology

After the fire of GameFi in 2021, people have been involved in the wave of GameFi. Players can not only find the fun of games in GameFi but also get rich profits. However, with the rise of the popularity of GameFi, the services of the entire GameFi industry have not kept up, and they have […]

Ceres DAO:“New Paradigm” of Ventures DAO

There is a saying in the crypto industry that 2022 will be the leap year of DAO. DAO has come under the spotlight of the crypto world. As people discovered the crypto world, Ventures DAO started to shine, attracting KOL’s attention. For example, Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur, has called “DAO” the ultimate combination of […]

Qicai Community focuses on blockchain one-stop service

Founded in February 2021, Qicai Community is a one-stop service community focusing on blockchain, which was founded by a group of digital asset enthusiasts led by Ringer, a big cousin. It is committed to building a world-class blockchain service platform, focusing on the operation, construction, and development of blockchain in China and overseas markets. Its […]

CXEX focuses on compliance to create a safe and stable trading environment

Since last year, in the face of the ever-changing market environment, countless companies and projects have fallen in the blockchain industry, many of which are industry “stars”. However, there are also many teams that can find a way out and go international in the turbulent situation. CXEX, which is taking advantage of the trend, is […]