Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch ceremoniously

By Meta Media November 8, 2022 . Author:Jason

According to reliable sources, Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform is about to launch on a grand scale.

Bayesian is a global Artificial Intelligence(AI) super computing platform based on Bayesian decentralized Computing Network Protocol (BDCP). It regards AI + blockchain + distributed storage as the architecture core, serving governments, hospitals, schools, banks, large supercomputing centers, scientific research institutions, technology groups and e-commerce companies, Internet social platforms, etc. It provides ToB customers with decentralized computing network, computing to data model, distributed AI machine intelligent learning and new mechanisms to protect user data ownership, and contributes computing infrastructure to WEB3.0 services.


Among them, Bayes Decentralized Computation Protocol (BDCP) is a protocol designed to build a decentralized computing network, which is a peer-to-peer network formed by the availability of cloud computing resources on decentralized computer nodes. No entity has central control over the network. BDCP breaks away from the current distributed cluster model, which entrusts the access control of central nodes and data to a centralized trusted organization.

It is reported that famous experts and professors of Mountain View, CA; Southern California Institute of Artificial Intelligence (CIAI), CIAI’s many famous experts and professors, more than 100 PhDs in the field of computer-AI, and more than 2000 scholars in the field of supercomputing in Southern California participated in the technical research and development and academic application of Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform. This is an unprecedented academic theory and practice, and has been highly valued by more than 50 well-known universities in the United States, including Google AI Research and Development Department, Amazon AI Research and Development Center, APPLE Apple Intelligent data Research and Development Department and Southern California Institute of Artificial Intelligence (CIAI), as well as more than 10 third World countries, including Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Kenya. These institutions are expected to be the first batch of signing cooperation institutions. In addition, the world-famous public chain Godechain (token GODE) meta-god public chain will sign a contract to serve as the technical bottom layer of Bayesian Global AI Supercomputing Platform. Test and analysis said that Godechain has currently solved the problems of running concurrency speed and technical security, and is expected to become a leader in public chain in the future.


All media are continuously paying attention to this news, and look forward to the supercomputing platform based on distributed AI intelligent mechanism, decentralized computing network protocol and Bayesian statistics.

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